Why Is the FEC Ignoring Democrats’ Campaign Finance Violations?

Given its utter disregard for campaign finance law, the Democratic Party’s embrace of “campaign finance reform” is something to behold.

Reflecting on her party’s first 100 days in power, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cited H.R. 1 — dubiously dubbed the “For the People Act” — as the most important “symbol of change” passed this year.

In reality, the bill is anything but populist in nature, imposing a litany of new campaign finance regulations on those wishing to engage in the political process, while infringing on their free speech and associational rights.

Spanning nearly 600 pages, H.R. 1 would require unprecedented levels of disclosure from nonprofit advocacy groups, trade associations, and charities — all in the name of “transparency.” It flies in the face of reason: Empirical evidence has long suggested mandatory disclosure of political activity leads to a drastic decline in political participation. This most adversely affects the “little guy” — everyday Americans who want to have their voices heard, but lack the means to take on Big Government.

Message aside, the Democratic Party is simply the wrong messenger for reform. For years now, high-profile Democrats have played fast and loose with existing campaign finance laws, in search of high-dollar donations at all costs. Some of the most egregious campaign finance scandals to date have arisen from the left.

Read the full story at Western Journal.


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