The IRS Just Protected Financial Donor Privacy — And Free Speech

The Internal Revenue Service just stopped requiring 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations — which bring Americans together for the betterment of their communities — to identify their financial donors.

The federal government previously required such groups to disclose all contributors who donate $5,000 or more. While supposedly not made public, the IRS would keep the donors’ information on hand, which was hardly encouraging for those conservative groups who saw the “non-public” information made public, or those still reeling from the Lois Lerner scandal.

Under Lerner (who still collects a six-figure government pension), the IRS developed a reputation for leaking sensitive information and harassing political organizations — and individuals — as a way of targeting political ideas she opposed.

Why should we grant petty functionaries that power? When government bureaucrats skirt their duties, heads should roll. Depriving government of a tool whose sole purpose is harassment was a wise decision.

Read the whole article at the Daily Caller.


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